This International Women’s Day…

women in business

Over the past six months I have been on an extraordinary journey, not least of all because despite building websites for over twenty years, I finally made the decision to leave behind my management job and go it alone, realising that my mental health and wellbeing were more important than a sizeable salary.

I have been told on many occasions that I am an amazing woman and not one to take compliments easily, it took some time to realise that yes, perhaps I am an amazing woman after all. Always determined, I graduated from University in 2000 with four young children, was National President of the Mature Students Union for two years and campaigned tirelessly on behalf of mature students and student Parents, worked my way up from a classroom teacher to a head teacher and headed and grew the training for an ex-offender training charity and set up the first scaffolding training centre in a UK prison. 

I am today still focusing on building a strong business that benefits business start-ups and charities with a no upfront fee model that makes it affordable and realistic for many new business owners to own their own website.

I have met some extraordinary people since I started out in 1999 and have had the privilege to support many women in business over the years including Jennifer Pulling, an author who regularly visits the island of Sicily to rescue and neuter stray cats; Suzy Gale who set up her own international charity, Animals Worldwide, to support her years of dedication to animal welfare; Leanne Bradshaw who always impresses me with her no nonsense approach to de-cluttering houses and businesses under her business name of LRB Organise and two women whose websites I am currently working on in Leeds in Yorkshire – D3, an ultra-talented spoken word artist who has battled with multiple sclerosis for twenty two years and is truly an inspiration in the energy she puts into her work and Helen Crockett who campaigns tirelessly for the vulnerable in her law firm and is truly passionate about her work. The latter two are websites that I am currently working on – I’ll be sure to revisit and post a link.

It’s not often that we have to the courage to stand up and say ‘I am amazing’, but whether you are running your own business or are considering a move to the other end of the country to start over, this International Women’s Day that is exactly what I am asking you to do – stand up and celebrate your successes, however small or large, because as women we often overcome adversity in our personal lives and all too often forget to remind ourselves of just how truly amazing we are.

If you are a woman in business and are looking for an affordable website solution to get you started, look no further. Contact me today and let’s see how I can help you to achieve the success you deserve – there is nothing I am more passionate about than helping others to take the step I have and step out into the unknown – because you never know where that might lead, and the possibilities are endless.