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Privacy Policy

We collect and process data in accordance with GDPR We collect data for the purposes of providing our services to you including providing you with a proposal for our services. We may also hold your data for the purposes of marketing to you only where you have given express permission for us to to do so, i.e. by subscribing to our newsletter. You may opt-out of these communications at any time.


Our website collects cookies for performance purposes only and not to market our services to you. We never disclose data to third parties unless we have express permission to so or for law enforcement purposes.


Any data including marketing material, course material, multimedia, client records etc. that is supplied to us for the purposes of providing our services to you, is held confidentially and securely. We do not own this material but will responsibly store it for you and will delete any data we hold for you upon request. We guarantee non-disclosure of any confidential or sensitive data and our staff adhere to a non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy and data.


It is your responsibility as our client to ensure that any passwords you hold are stored securely and that you have adequate anti-virus protection on your devices to protect saved passwords. We are not responsible for any password breaches that may affect the integrity of your data through your own negligence. You agree not to share passwords with anybody outside of your organisation without first seeking express permission from us. You agree to inform us immediately if any password or data breach has occured that affects our services to you.


You may request any data we hold on you by contacting us via our contact page. We will respond to all requests within thirty days.