Cream Cakes

cream cakes

Not the best start to the week. I guess the diet starts next Monday, especially when a potential customer comes into the office with a box full of cream cakes and well, it would be rude not to. So close to Christmas too. 

I am resolute. Come January 1st I am cutting back and getting fit because when you are running your own business you need energy and focus and good food and health is essential. It brings to mind a website proposal I am currently working one for a company who sells a unique blend of herbal teas to boost your immune system and nerve repair. Imported from South Africa, the herbs are tasty (I know, I’ve had a sample) and certainly a must for me going forward. It will help my detox as the new year starts and I am determined that with a regular visit to the gym, 2020 is going to be the year that I am ultra focused on my well being. Only then can I give my all to my customers.

I’ll post again once the new herbal tea website is up and running – really excited about this one. Can see bags of potential and such a nice man setting the business up to. Let’s hope it goes a long way.