Den Norske Klub

Den Norske Klub is a Norweigan Club based in central London, offering a social and business networking venue for Norweigan people living in the capital.

The DNK at the In and Out Club, is located in St James’s Square, between Piccadilly and Pall Mall in the heart of London’s clubland.

As a result of DNK’s long existence and extensive networks, DNK attracts high calibre speakers and guests to its events – including royals, celebrities, business leaders and members of parliament


Den Norske Klub hosts 3 annual dinners and get together for Fredagspils’ once a month to which members of Den Norske Klub and members of the Norwegian Community are welcome to join as members and guests of the klub.


In addition to its regular official events, the klub organises a range of events for its members throughout the year.


Arctic Bee maintains the website, uploads latest news and events and continue to offer support to the club with its online presence.