Losing a Client to Wix

Businessmen figurine and stack of coins. Business meeting, shareholder and funding concept.

In the dynamic world of website design and development, every business owner faces crucial decisions about how to best represent their brand online. As a seasoned web designer, I’ve witnessed first-hand the allure of DIY website builders like Wix, promising affordability and ease of use. However, in a recent experience, I found myself confronted with the sobering reality of what can happen when cutting costs leads to sacrificing quality and effectiveness.

Recently, I bid farewell to a client who opted to migrate her website to Wix in pursuit of saving a mere £5 a month on hosting fees. Initially, it seemed like a harmless decision driven by the desire to tighten the budget. However, upon visiting her revamped website, I was greeted with a jarring sight. 

My wide-screen monitor revealed a distorted display where my client’s head was unceremoniously chopped off—clearly the client does not have a wide screen monitor and is not aware that this will be the case on many client’s desktops. The mobile version has spacing issues. 

As I navigated through the pages, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring inconsistencies that plagued the once-polished interface. One page boasted a blue background, while another languished in a stark, uninspired layout. The attention to detail that once characterised her website had been replaced by a haphazard mishmash of design elements, creating an amateurish interface.

However, the true repercussions of this ill-fated decision extended beyond mere aesthetics. The client no longer receives the personalised and proactive maintenance of our small team. The time and resources squandered on navigating Wix’s convoluted interface could have been better invested in fostering growth and innovation within her enterprise.

Now, as I reflect on this experience, I am reminded of the delicate balance between frugality and value when it comes to website development. While Wix may offer a quick fix for some, it’s essential to recognise the hidden costs lurking beneath the surface. As a web designer committed to empowering businesses with bespoke digital solutions, I remain steadfast in my dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and support.

In closing, my intention is not to disparage Wix or undermine the choices of my clients but rather to underscore the importance of informed decision-making in the realm of online presence. As we forge ahead, let us remain vigilant in our pursuit of excellence, prioritising substance over superficial savings and ensuring that every digital footprint reflects the true essence of our brand.