Twitter – a ‘Rollercoaster’


Elon Musk has been speaking to the BBC, telling them that taking over Twitter has been something of a rollercoaster.

He stated that if the right owner came along he would sell it, and that laying staff off and the workload have been two of his greatest issues, often spending late nights at the office and even sleeping in on occasion!

As a social media company we have felt the effects of the Twitter takeover, with many of our accounts losing followers, in part we believe due to a cull in accounts considered to be fake and people turning away from the platform due to negative press and other concerns. It certainly seems to be going through a period of instability and it’s difficult to predict where the platform is going.

There is now a renewed push towards Twitter Blue, the paywall that requires users to pay a monthly subscription in order to have verified account status and recommendation algorithms that work by attempting to “answer important questions…such as, ‘What is the probability you will interact with another user in the future?’

Twitter can be a great platform for sharing company news, communicating directly with your client base or building a brand community.

You can read the full article here:

In the current climate, Twitter can still be a great platform for your business but will work best integrated into a comprehensive social media strategy. Twitter works best for building a brand community where you can directly communicate with your clients, get in on the conversation with relevant stakeholders and focus on your customer retention strategy, many brand using the platform for customer services enquiries.

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