Top 5 facts about Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park

Today I had a meeting at a lovely pub just outside Roundhay Park and was fascinated to learn from Richard, whom I’m currently building a car sales website for, that the park is the largest park in Europe! Now, I know it’s large – I’ve walked around most of it, but the largest? I looked it up, and guess what, it is!

So I decided to look for myself. For those of you either familiar with Leeds, or thinking about visiting, here are some interesting facts about the wonderful Roundhay Park, a must for anybody in this part of the world.

1. Michael Jackson celebrated his birthday in Roundhay Park

On his first ever round the world tour, Michael Jackson turned 30 and guess what, he happened to be in Leeds in West Yorkshire when he did. This was on 29th August 1988. In fact, Leeds has hosted many famous people over the years including Rod Stewart, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and U2.

Roundhay Park continues to be a great venue for many concerts and let’s hope once the pandemic is over it continues to be the centre of the music world in the North of England for many years to come.

2. Soldiers Field Used to be an Airport

During WW1 the space between Oakwood and the main park was used as an airport hosting fliights from London to Amsterdam. Nowadays it is used to host firework displays.

3. The Cricket Pitch now used for concerts was originally intended to be a lake.

This is why ii is such a large dip. A man named Thomas Nicholson employed soldiers returning from Napoleonic Wars to dig the two lakes that exist to this day, yet Nicholson died before the third could be made.

4. Roundhay Park was originally a hunting ground.

Roundhay Park was a private hunting ground in the thirteenth century. Thomas Nicholson bought the park in 1803 and in 1811 had John Clarke redesign it as a private park. At the same time the Roundhay Mansion was built. In 1871, the park was bought by Leeds City Council for use by the public.

5. There are secret tunnels beneath the park.

Now an overflow system runs from Waterloo Lake, a series of underground tunnels have been ventured into by urban explorers. Although this is not recommended. 

If you haven’t visited, please do so. Arctic Bee, based in Leeds, offers web design, SEO and social media services – contact me today for your free consultation and I’d be happy to buy you a drink at the Roundhay Fox, certainly one of the best pubs in the area!