Penguins can’t fly; and they don’t live in Whitby!


Penguins don’t live in Whitby. And they can’t fly. So I found out on recent trip to Whitby.

I went with a friend who who was photographing a wedding – finding myself babysitting the couple’s granddaughter and then suggesting a boat ride out of the bay.

It was on the way back when my friend said to me ‘I wonder what birds those are?’ pointing to a flock of them perched high up on the sea wall.

‘Penguins?’ I suggested to which he burst into laughter.

‘And how exactly did they get up there?’

‘Er, fly’ I said.

‘Penguins don’t fly’, he informed me, ‘and they definitely don’t live in Whitby.’

Who knew.

I’d never considered whether a penguin could fly before and Whitby is pretty far up North.

So I looked it up, and it’s true, penguins can’t fly in the air, but they do fly through water, using their wings to glide effortlessly and cover up to a thousand kilometers at a time with a speed of up to 80 kilometers an hour; now that’s simply amazing.

So the next time someone suggests that a penguin can’t fly, I’ll inform them politely that they can, just not in the way that most birds fly – that’s what makes them so special – their wings achieve the impossible.

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Let’s get creative together and work out how you can use your wings, because the most obvious solutions aren’t always the best – Arctic Bee is a company like no other and if I say penguins can fly, so can you!