Monday, 25 May 2020 16:43

Get Your Coffee Fix Here

If you're anything like me, then you'll need your daily coffee fix to wake you up. And not just any coffee. No, instant simply doesn't cut it - with a new gift of an espresso maker from my wonderful friend Liesl, I am now happily making my own coffee on the stove every morning.

So imagine my delight when I was asked to create an online coffee shop, a website where you can order your coffee of any strength, bean or ground, to be delivered to your doorstep as frequently as you like. Perfect! I'll never run out again!

Run by the owners of a wonderful little restaurant and coffee shop in Leeds in West Yorkshire, Casa Colombiana, the coffee on offer is grown on a family run farm in South America and then freshly roasted and ground on their premises in the Grand Arcade in Leeds. That's just about as local and as fresh as you can get.

With the Covid-19 crisis affecting so many small businesses and especially those in the hospitality industry, it's truly a delight to be working with one restaurant that is using their initiative to widen their offering beyond the physical presence of their shop and get themselves online offering the rich, smooth and flavoursome coffee that they are rightly proud off - trust me, I've tasted it. It's hard to beat!

So, if like me, you're a coffee lover, are looking for gifts for a coffee lover or you live in Yorkshire and haven't checked Casa Colombiana out yet, get online and visit 

#shoplocal #supportsmallbusinesses #greatcoffee