Happy Yorkshire Day


Happy Yorkshire Day from Arctic Bee! 🐝 We are proud to be based in the heart of the beautiful county of Yorkshire! πŸ’™

Originally from Kent, our CEO Tracey admits that Yorkshire has taken some getting used to, but now she loves it! If you are from the South, here are her top ten tips for visiting the region:

  1. When arranging a meeting ‘four while five’ actually means ‘Four until Five pm.’ Yes, grammatically it makes absolutely no sense but trust me, just go with it!
  2. Yorkshire folk are very friendly. I still get taken aback when someone smiles at me on a bus or a train and have to check if I’ve spilt something – not unknown for me, especially first thing in the morning! If someone smiles at you, smile back! It’s not unknown for random strangers to start conversations with you – it is not a sign of madness.
  3. If you ask anybody from Yorkshire a question, be prepared for the truth! Ask a man ‘does my bum look big in this?’, you’re going to get a very honest answer!
  4. Yorkshire has its own language. A ginnel is an alleyway, keks means trousers and a bairn is a child. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bring a notepad with you and learn as you go.
  5. If you go into a fish and chip shop and order a scallop, you’re not getting seafood! It’s actually a slice of potato in batter and it’s nicer than it sounds – perfect if you’re not overly concerned about carb overload!
  6. People really do greet you by saying ‘Aye Up.’
  7. Most statements end with ‘is that’, so ‘It’s really nice’, becomes ‘It’s really nice, is that!’
  8. ‘The’ is redundant. When your text messages start saying ‘going to shop’, you know you’re starting to adapt!
  9. If you’re in Yorkshire, you have dinner at lunch time and tea at dinner time. Confused? Just specify a time if you are inviting somebody over.
  10. Yorkshire is made up of four counties, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Strictly speaking, this makes Yorkshire a region, but Yorkshire is a county as far as anybody from Yorkshire is concerned. Confused? I still am.

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