5 reasons why selfies might be the key to increasing engagement on LinkedIn

Tracey Cleminson

Have you noticed more selfies cropping up on your LinkedIn feed of late? It seems that LinkedIn is becoming the new Facebook, with more people willing to share a little of their personal life and selfies taken on an ordinary camera phone as popular as formal business portraits. So why do selfies seem to attract so much engagement?

Well here are five reasons why:

1. People are attracted to human faces. Among a sea of text posts, stock photography and graphics, you will stand out. Angled shots, interesting backgrounds or you doing something unexpected will grab attention.

2. Selfies taken in the moment give a insight into you. They are not staged or posed and this can help make you more relatable, building trust and rapport with your audience.

3. People assign more meaning to images that have people they know in it. If you know your network and they know you, a selfie will naturally grab their attention.

4. People are curious. A snapshot of you in your business doing your thing allows your clients to get a sneak peak behind the scenes.

5. The pandemic normalised photographs taken in natural and familiar environments. People shared their experiences of mixing business and home life, and ever since, the selfie snapshot has taken on a power of its own.

So, if you want to embrace the power of the selfie, go for it. It will give others an insight into you are, improve your likeability and ultimately boost your engagement.